The Benefits of Coach Tour School Field Trips

When we think of coach tours, we usually imagine likeminded seasoned travellers, about to embark on yet another adventure that will no doubt translate into stories that can be exchanged over a glass of wine. But what about younger adventure seekers? Those who, due to their age, may not yet have been able to develop the taste for travel or the great outdoors.

For this reason, we’re a big advocate of introducing children to travel and all the benefits it entails whilst they’re still young – and what better way to accommodate this than a school field trip using our professional coach tours.

If your students are long overdue a field trip, let us tell you why it might be time to organise one.

  1. A Change of Environment

The classroom is a time-tested way to educate any child, providing them with a safe and controlled learning environment in which to learn and grow as people. One thing that classrooms can often lack is variety, as there is only so much you can do in such a confined space to reinvent the learning experience.

The best thing about getting out of the classroom for a day or two is giving your students the chance to experience a new way of learning. Depending on where you take them, they will be able to experience first-hand what is being taught in an environment that allows a little more freedom.

If reservoirs and sources of clean water are on the curriculum, a day trip to a reservoir is a great way to help your students visualise the concepts they are being taught which may even help them retain that knowledge a little better.

  1. Developing Social Skills

Only certain classroom taught lessons and subjects will provide an opportunity for social interaction amongst peers. This is of course because some material needs to be taught in a certain way and can be difficult to extrapolate to other real-world situations.

Unstructured environments are a great opportunity for students to bounce ideas off each other as they learn together. This way of learning can be more exciting as each student is able to engage on a deeper level with the subject matter at hand. This level of engagement should help each student to really exercise and develop their social skills in a manner that can be far more constructive than the playground.

We find that even the coach journey can provide great opportunities for discussion and learning, especially when venturing into territories your students are unfamiliar with.

  1. Encourage Team Building

Field trips are also a great opportunity to split classes into teams where each team is tasked with achieving a common goal. If you were visiting a museum for example, giving each team a set of questions and tasks to complete within a time limit as they’re free to explore the museum on their own will really get them working together to beat their classmates.

This mild competitiveness and team environment is a great way to further develop relationships as well as explore team dynamics. You will often see each team nominate a leader who will then coordinate the task with each team member chipping in as required.

  1. Emphasise the Importance of the Natural Environment

We know that some schools here in Sydney place a special emphasis on this very subject and do all they can to better educate their students on the importance of sustainability. The great thing about Australia is that the natural habitat is so varied making choosing a suitable location for learning easy.

From rainforests to coral reefs, each of these environments can demonstrate what our planet has to offer and help each student understand how important it is that they do their part to protect it. Such a field trip can incorporate geography, wildlife and biodiversity in one go.

  1. New Cultural Experiences

As we continue to grow and develop it is important that we experience as many different cultures as possible. Luckily, Australia is home to one of the oldest cultures and groups of people on this planet, the Native Australian or Indigenous People.

There are several organised tours available whereby students can discover Aboriginal history, art, food and language as they meet and interact with Aboriginal people. Such a trip will help tie in the biodiversity aspects of the curriculum as each student sees first-hand how Aboriginal people have maintained their traditions and continue to harmoniously exist as one within their habitat.

Field Trip Suggestions

The benefits are clear to see. All you have to do is decide on a destination. To give you some ideas, we’ve compiled a list of popular destinations and excursions that have been really well received by past visitors.

  • Australian Icons – Australia is known globally for being home to a series of iconic landmarks and structures. The Sydney Opera House is a great start for children, even if they have already been. Seeing it and experiencing it amongst their peers as well as gaining a much deeper understanding of its significance and current uses always receives glowing reviews.

Also in Sydney is of course the Sydney Harbour which shouldn’t be missed. Beautiful at all times of the year, the Harbour is also a great destination to embark upon a whale watching tour. Here, your children will enjoy the experience of getting as up close and personal as possible with some of the world’s largest sea creatures.

  • Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park – A great opportunity to experience the Australian Bush in its purest form. This wildlife sanctuary is well known for being home to many of Australia’s signature wildlife where you’re sure to meet Koala Bears and Kangaroos.

Book Your Coach Trip

Here at Pegasus Coach Tours, we offer several day trips as well as many extended tours, suitable for older students. We even have the ability to create a custom package, allowing you to fine tune your experience to the needs of your students and their learning. Simply get in touch with our team for the experience of a lifetime.

The Best of the Blue Mountains – What You Can See and Do on a Day Trip

One of the most popular attractions a short distance from Sydney, the Blue Mountains lie due west of Australia’s most populous metropolis and provide an experience that’s remarkably different from other day trip options. The sheer natural beauty coupled with the unique diversity has seen it designated a UNESCO Heritage site, and as an experienced and trusted Sydney bus charter company, Pegasus Coach Tours is an excellent choice for organised bus tours and coach hire services to this must-visit destination.

What to Expect

As the seven national parks which comprise the Blue Mountains total 10,000m2, it’s not only vast but also offers a diversity that’s rare in a location so close to a major metropolis, even one renowned for its inherent natural beauty like Sydney. Like much of the ranges that run along the Eastern Seaboard, the peaks of the Blue Mountains are rounded and densely treed in most parts, especially the valleys that are often covered in fog during autumn and spring. One of the most spectacular examples of this is the aptly named Phantom Falls (see below), a popular attraction in the Jamison Valley.

A common feature of the panoramas of the Blue Valley is the visual contrast between the sandstone cliffs that drop down into lush green valleys, often with a spectacular waterfall to complete the vista. The wildlife in the region is immense, though unless visitors descend down onto the valley floor, the best way to see local fauna up close and personal is by visiting a park like the Featherdale Wildlife Park.

With regards to climate and the best time to visit, the Blue Mountains is spectacular all year-round, though as it drops to between 3°C and 12°C in winter many visitors prefer the warmer months, with summer and spring temperatures averaging around 15°C to 25°C. The Blue Mountains are particularly splendid in autumn and winter, it must be said, and offer a very different, albeit chilly, experience.

Scenic World – Great for All

An absolute must-visit if you’re travelling with the kids, though visitors of all ages will also have a great time, Scenic World really does have a lot to offer, including two of the most popular tourist attractions in the Blue Mountains – the Scenic Railway and Skyway. The Scenic Railway has the honour of being the world’s steepest passenger railway, and the Skyway provides amazing, 360o degree views of some of the Blue Mountains’ most iconic sights, including the Three Sisters, Katoomba Falls and the Jamison Valley.

It’s easy to spend the day here, but as there’s so much to see and do on a Blue Mountains day trip, many visitors find it advantageous to stop at Scenic World just long enough to experience the railway and cable car, and have a quick coffee or tea before hopping back on the bus.

The Three Sisters – Iconic Vistas

Perhaps the most iconic of all the Blue Mountains’ vistas, the Three Sisters are a rock formation caused by the erosion of the soft sandstone that comprises much of the mountains in the region. Located on the northern escarpment of the Jamison Valley, the Three Sisters are a short distance to Katoomba, another popular destination in the Blue Mountains.

It’s possible to catch the Three Sisters at sunrise, though due to travelling times most visitors arrive at around mid-morning to midday, often resulting in large crowds. The light is best in the mid-afternoon, so if you’d like to miss the crowds and enjoy the most breathtaking panoramas, this may well be the best time to visit, plus you have the option of arriving earlier, going for a hike and returning later in the day.

The Aboriginal legend of the Three Sisters (Meehni, Wimlah and Gunnedoo) is a beautiful tale and adds another dimension to the visit, with the story told by the traditional owners, the Gundungurra people, the original Dreamtime legend. If you’re interested in learning more about the Aboriginal culture of the region and the legends of the land, the Waradah Aboriginal Show in Katoomba is highly-recommended.

Phantom Falls – An Amazing Natural Event

To witness the awe-inspiring natural event that is Phantom Falls, visitors will need to try their luck in autumn and spring as high humidity, among other factors, must be exact for the Falls to provide that magical and mysterious vista. The curtain of mist travels at around 10 – 20 metres per second, and is often over 700 metres wide and 50 metres deep. It provides an amazing photo opportunity for those present when the warm air of the Jamison Valley meets the cold air of the Megalong Valley.

If you visit in the evening, you may be lucky enough to witness the Falls running backwards, flowing into the Megalong Valley, a sight that’s particularly spectacular under the moonlight, especially on a full moon.

Leura Cascades – The Beauty of the Valley Floor

There’s so much more to the Blue Mountains than awe-inspiring mountain vistas, as the lush floors of the valleys offer amazing flora and fauna diversity, along with views that are just as impressive. Of the many bushwalks in the Blue Mountains, the stroll to Leura Cascades is one of the most popular, as it’s such a gentle 30-minute walk and simply one of the best bushwalks in the region.

With the sound of water trickling as you make your way down, not to mention the chorus of lyrebirds, you’ll witness the picturesque scene of the convergence of two creeks framed by ferns and a bridge, along with the lookout at Bridal Veil Falls which offers phenomenal views of the mountains, often with a plethora of birdlife soaring above a dense canopy of rainforest.

The Blue Mountains has so much to offer all visitors. Whether you’re visiting from overseas or arranging an exciting outing for your students, Pegasus Coach Tours can assist you in arranging the perfect day trip to the Blue Mountains. To learn more about our bus and coach services, give us a call on (02) 9838 1733.

7 Must See Destinations for Your Next Sydney Coach Tour

A playground of natural and cultural delights, Sydney is the ultimate destination for visitors of all ages. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Blue Mountains, absorb the city’s rich history or get up, close and personal with wild creatures, the New South Wales capital has something for everybody.

The best way to take in all that Sydney has to offer is via Pegasus Coach Tours. As a family owned company with more than 30 years of industry experience, we proud ourselves on providing safe, luxurious and enjoyable tours that take the hassle out of travelling.

The only question is: What will you see?

To help you decide, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite Sydney day tours. From wine tasting in the glorious Hunter Valley to shopping sprees in Birkenhead Point, here are seven world class things to see and do in Sydney and the surrounding areas:

Reconnect With Nature in the Blue Mountains

Situated about 50 kilometres northwest of Sydney, the Blue Mountains offer beautiful scenery, phenomenal photo opportunities and the chance to reconnect with nature. As the name suggests, the mountains are in fact blue, thanks to the naturally occurring haze generated by the sprawling eucalyptus forest. The region is home to a stunning array of waterfalls, valleys, canyons and caves, which are guaranteed to delight nature lovers of all ages. Explore the wilderness, take part in adrenaline packed activities such as rock climbing and abseiling or simply spend time at the cliff top lookouts taking it all in. Whatever you decide to do, make sure your camera batteries are fully charged – you’re going to be taking a whole lot of photos!.

Shop Till You Drop at Birkenhead Point

No Sydney trip is complete without a shopping trip or three, and there’s perhaps no better place to pick up some stylish bargains than the Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre, located just six kilometres from the CBD. The largest shopping mall of its kind in Sydney, the Outlet Centre comprises 170 fashion, food and entertainment stores that are sure to appease even the most seasoned shopaholic. Here you’ll find all your favourite luxury and designer international brands at prices you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Unwind after your shopping spree in one of the many great cafes that are scattered throughout the area.

Quench Your Thirst in Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley is an essential stop on any foodie’s itinerary, so loosen your belt buckle and get ready to give your taste buds a workout. Australia’s oldest wine region is veritably overflowing with a satisfying mix of established wineries and innovative up and comers. With more than 150 cellar doors to choose from, Hunter Valley is the perfect place to put your wine tasting skills to the test while expanding your knowledge of Australia’s world renowned wineries. Of course, Hunter Valley is no slouch in the food department either, with dozens of gourmet restaurants drawing inspiration from local flavours to create tantalising and diverse cuisine.

Explore the Australian Reptile Park

Situated just one hour north of Sydney, the award warning Australian Reptile Park makes for a fantastic day trip and gives you the chance to explore the reptile world like never before. The park is home to an enormous variety of exotic reptiles from all four corners of the globe as well as a diverse population of local Australian critters. Marvel at the majestic grace of the Galapagos tortoises, learn all about the park’s conservation efforts and watch in amazement as the daring keepers get a bit too close for comfort during the always popular crocodile feeding exhibitions.

Take a Trip Back in Time to Fighter World

If you’re a bit of a history or aviation buff, you definitely won’t want to miss Fighter World. Located slightly over two hours north of Sydney, Fighter World is dedicated to preserving the fascinating history of the Royal Australian Air Force’s fighter aircrafts. Spread across two hangars you’ll find a slew of famous aircraft from across the ages, including the Mirage III, F-111, MiG-21 jet fighter and many more.

Find tranquility in the Minnamurra Rainforest

Inside the stunning Budderoo National Park you’ll find the Minnamurra Rainforest, a lush region of waterfalls, walking trails and lively wildlife situated less than two hours’ from Sydney. There’s a 1.6 kilometre walking loop made up of elevated boardwalks and suspension bridges that take you deep into the rainforest, culminating with sensational views of the Minnamurra Falls. Be sure to spend some time at the multi award winning Visitor Centre and have a chat with the friendly, expert staff to learn more about the area.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side at Featherdale Wildlife Park

What Sydney trip would be complete without visiting Featherdale Wildlife Park? Teeming with more than 1,700 native animals, the park makes a special effort to remove barriers between humans and animals, allowing you to get face to face with all your favourite Australian creatures. Whether you want to cuddle a koala, feed a kangaroo or meet an enormous saltwater crocodile, Featherdale Wildlife Park is a wildlife experience like no other. As with just about every other Australian zoo, conservation is also a key focus here. The park’s koala breeding program is an important part of nationwide conservation efforts, while the park also works with endangered species such as the tiger quoll and yellow footed rock wallaby.

As one of the most vibrant cities on the planet, Sydney has more attractions than you can shake a stick at. If you’re thinking about taking a day trip to one of these destinations – or just about anywhere else in Sydney, for that matter – get in touch with the friendly team at Pegasus Coach Tours. With a strong emphasis on safety, comfort and affordability, we pride ourselves on being the number one way to experience all that Sydney has to offer.

Why Are Organised Coach Tours the Best Way to See Australia?

A wild tapestry of cultural and natural wonders, Australia is home to more world-class tourist attractions than you can shake a stick at it. While it is possible to visit some of the destinations in your own vehicle or via public transport, the safest and most comfortable way to take in all that the country has to offer is on a Pegasus Coach Tour.

As a family-owned company with more than 30 years in the coach tour industry, we have extensive experience in creating unforgettable journeys. A commitment to unparalleled customer service, combined with our fleet of state of the art luxury coaches and highly trained drivers ensures your travel experience is one to remember.

Whether you’re planning a relaxing day tour or an extended journey of a lifetime, we’re firm believers that organised coach tours are absolutely the best way to see Australia. Here’s why:

  1. Safety First

Safety is always a top concern for any traveller, particularly if you’re visiting an unfamiliar destination. Thankfully, organised coach tours are able to provide a safe environment through the use of experienced and professional drivers, and reliable vehicles that are more than capable of meeting the demands of the Australian roads.

Here at Pegasus Coach Tours, your safety is our number one priority, and we always go to great lengths to ensure you feel safe and secure while on your journey. Our fully licensed tour drivers have more than 500 years combined driving experiencing, so you can rest assured they know how to handle things behind the wheel and can adapt to any conditions. For even greater peace of mind, all our drivers are also certified in senior first aid.

In addition, our coaches are loaded with all sorts of advanced security features such as GPS software and automated braking systems specifically designed to improve passenger safety while on the road. Finally, all our coaches are regularly maintained and inspected to ensure they comply with the rigorous safety standards that all Australian coaches are held to.

Simply put, an organised coach tour is the safest way to travel in Australia.

  1. A Comfortable Journey

Australia is big. Really big. In fact, measuring in at about 7.7 million square kilometres, according to Geoscience Australia, the country is roughly the same size of the Contiguous United States. This means – even if you’re travelling within the state – that you’re probably going to be sitting for a fair few hours between destinations, so naturally you’ll want to opt for transportation that is as comfortable as possible.

That’s where an organised coach tour comes in. At Pegasus Coach Tours, we’re proud to provide premium coaches that come fully equipped with all the modern conveniences you need to make your journey a comfortable and relaxing experience. Large reclining arm chair seats and panoramic windows allow you to take in the scenery at your leisure, while a DVD player, lap sash seat belts and modern rest room facilities provide an extra layer of luxury. Our service is carefully designed to help you enjoy the trip and get you to your destination feeling invigorated and ready to explore.

  1. The Ultimate in Convenience

Perhaps the greatest advantage of taking an organised coach tour in favour of travelling independently lies in the convenience factor. The logistics of hiring a vehicle and attempting to navigate unfamiliar and potentially hazardous roads can be annoying at best and downright dangerous at worst. Public transport may occasionally help you get to your destination, but often isn’t a feasible (or comfortable!) option.

In contrast, an organised coach tour takes all the hassle out of travel and allows you to focus on what really matters: enjoying the moment. Our professional drivers have the experience and specialist training needed to get you to your destination safely and in luxurious style. Whether you’re taking a half-day trip or an extended tour, we can take care of all your transportation, food and accommodation needs – all you need to do is pack your bag and bring your sense of adventure.

  1. Affordable Luxury

As we touched on earlier in this article, our coaches are not your everyday buses – they’re luxury vehicles. Boasting a range of safety and entertainment features, our coaches offer a luxurious means of transportation that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. From the comfort of our seats to the renowned expertise of our drivers, every aspect of our service is designed with your comfort and safety in mind.

However, this doesn’t mean that our tours are extravagantly priced. Despite the high level of comfort aboard our coaches, our tours remain very affordable, particularly when compared to other forms of long distance transport in Australia. We always strive to deliver an affordable, industry leading service that doesn’t make compromises when it comes to quality.

  1. Local Knowledge

As all seasoned travellers know, there’s no better way to experience a region than to see it through the eyes of a local. As a tourist, you may not be privy to a region’s best kept secrets, but we are – and we want to share them with you.

At Pegasus Coach Tours, we offer more than 100 unique, hand-crafted day tours that will take you into the very heart and soul of Australia. From exploring the Jenolan Caves to Central Coast wine tastings and everything in between, you’re guaranteed to find an organised coach tour that inflames your intrepid spirit.

Safe, affordable and luxurious, there’s no denying that an organised coach tour is the best way to see all that Australia has to offer. With a world-class fleet, the finest drivers in the industry and an extensive range of tours to choose from, Pegasus Coach Tours is the preferred choice for discerning travellers across Australia.

Are you ready for your next adventure? We’d love to hear from you. Contact the team today to discuss your options and get ready for the trip of a lifetime. Happy travelling!

Ideas for Team Building Events in Sydney with a Difference

It’s not easy to motivate your employees to work their hardest with the promise of a salary alone, and unfortunately, the instant most people hear the phrase ‘team building event’, they recoil at the idea of having to play cheesy office games with people they barely know and hardly ever work with. However, if you plan an event with a difference, you can create new friendships, improve your team’s morale, and instil your company values successfully.

At Pegasus Coach Tours, we know all about planning events and excursions with a difference, which is why our tours have remained popular for over three decades. Our drivers, who have over 500 years of experience combined, will ensure your absolute safety and comfort at all times while on the road. Plus, we have hundreds of half and full day tours to choose from, or you can explain your requirements for us to tailor a tour specifically for you.

In addition to being Sydney’s premier coach tour company, we endeavour to be the hub for knowledge and ideas on things to do in and around the city, which is why we’ve recently researched the best venues with a difference for team building events. To save you from the hassle of having to research such venues yourself, we’ve compiled our findings in this article for your convenience.

  • Aerialize

Aerialize is Sydney’s leading circus training and aerial theatre school where customers can learn acrobatics, hula-hooping, contortion, handstands, the art of the trapeze, and even how to build a human pyramid. This venue won’t fail to encourage laughter and put a smile on everybody’s face – including your own – and such team building exercises are perfect for encouraging your employees to open a dialogue and place their trust in each other.

Adrenaline junkies will love some of the activities on offer at Aerialize, and you can always let those less interested in thrill seeking sit out a couple of activities. Even if they’re not involved in the likes of acrobatics, they’ll still have lots of fun watching those who are. Visit the Aerialize website for more information on pricing and availability.

  • Bondi Bowling Club

Admittedly, swinging from suspended ropes isn’t for everybody, so if you have a mature team of employees that prefer to relax while bonding with their colleagues, you might be interested in booking a day out at the Bondi Bowling Club.

However, don’t for a second think that the Bondi Bowling Club is reserved as a pensioner’s leisure venue. A bit of competitive sports will do your employees a world of good, and since 2015, the owners have made efforts to modernise the venue and make it more appealing to the younger generations.

At the Bondi Blowing Club, you’ll find cocktails on tap, steaks cooked to perfection, picnic tables shaded by crimson umbrellas, and a terrace where you can enjoy craft beers in the sunshine. Tasty food, a relaxing game, and cocktails to order – it’s hard to think of any downsides to holding a team building event here. Visit the Bondi Bowling Club website for more information.

  • K-Square

If you have a confident bunch of individuals at the office, you can bring them closer together and share a few laughs at K-Square, Sydney’s live karaoke venue that attracts customers in their masses. K-Square has rooms suitable for up to 50 people, meaning you and your employees will have ample room to mingle when not busy with the microphone displaying their superstar skills.

K-Square’s song list is current and expansive, so you can feel confident there will be suitable tracks for everybody. If some employees feel a little too uncomfortable to sing in front of a group, you can always give them a little Dutch courage by purchasing a round of Asahi beer towers. Additionally, you can order tasty Thai food and delicious cocktails that will go down a treat. Here’s the K-Square website for more information.

  • Sky Zone Alexandria

We’ve already discussed how you can dangle from the roof at Aerialize, so now let’s talk about trying to reach the roof at Sky Zone Alexandria, one of Sydney’s largest indoor trampolining venues. This large warehouse boasts countless high-quality trampolines that are maintained to the highest standards, and employees can enjoy a bit of friendly competition during games such as dodgeball and basketball.

If you bring your team members here, you can feel confident that the phrase ‘team building event’ will lose all negative connotations, and as well as working together as a team during competitive sports, employees can de-stress and unwind by bouncing around aimlessly in the main room. Plus, they can launch themselves into a foam pit after they’ve had enough fun on the trampolines. Click here for more information.

The Best Form of Transportation for Team Building Events

Regardless of where you choose to take your employees for a special event, you’ll need a form of transportation. Your team members will appreciate you arranging transportation on their behalf, and there’s no better way to travel safely in style than by contacting our professionals at Pegasus Coach Tours.

For over three decades, we’ve amazed both residents and visitors alike with our fantastic, unique tours of Sydney and beyond, and if you’re looking for venue ideas, we’re happy to offer advice. Alternatively, you could let us plan the entire day for you, and you won’t be disappointed with what we can provide.

Why Choose Pegasus Coach Tours?

It’s not just our in-depth knowledge of Sydney venues that makes us the number one choice for coach tours – it’s our dedication to maintaining a modern, luxurious fleet of coaches to the highest industry standards and only hiring friendly, professional, safe, and experienced drivers to take you on an unforgettable tour.

All our coaches are fitted with comfortable, spacious chairs, air conditioning, a TV and DVD player, and restroom facilities. If you want to arrive at your team building event venue in style, there’s no better company to trust than us. Contact us today for more information.

Coach Transport: The Safest Way to Travel by Road in Australia

Australia is a vast country with more to explore than most could hope to see in a lifetime. Intriguing as that sounds, it also presents a challenge. How do you get around this great country without placing yourself in unnecessary risk?

Whilst travel in Australia is generally safe, there are still hazards involved. Concerned travellers are understandably uncertain which mode of road transport is safest and most reliable. In this post, we’re going to explain why we believe that coach travel is one of the safest ways to get from point A to point B in Australia.

To drive this point home, consider the following: The number of people involved in coach-related accidents in Australia is miniscule, to say the least. According to one study, the odds of a bus passenger suffering a fatal accident were one in 150 million (data collected between 1989 and 2010). That’s not bad for a country of less than 24 million.

What Makes Australian Coaches So Safe?

The first thing we should note is that the quality of coaches used in Australia has increased significantly in recent years. At Pegasus Coach Tours, we understand that our passengers have options. There are several coach companies in operation around the state and country, including more than a few fly-by-night operations. We go out of our way to make our service stand out as a safe, efficient and affordable option for travellers in the country, and this requires us to do more than our competitors when it comes to vehicle selection, service and maintenance.

Simply trying to stay competitive in a saturated market requires performing routine maintenance on your fleet of coaches. In today’s interconnected world, breakdowns are broadcasted across social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter within moments of occurring. If a particular coach operator has a reputation for breaking down often, passengers are going to spread the word. It doesn’t take long for information like this to go mainstream, at which point would-be customers will be able to search their way to problem reports.

Under such circumstances, it should come as no surprise that coach operators are eager to remain above reproach. The last thing they want is for an errant review to drive down reservations and force them out of business.

Here’s What Makes Coach Travel Such a Safe Option in Australia

There are several reasons that coaches offer one of the safest modes of land transport in the country. We’ll explore a few of the most significant safety considerations below:

  • Enhanced Security Features of Coaches
    Today’s coaches are equipped with advanced GPS software that monitors the speed and driving patterns of coach drivers and reports this information back to headquarters. The simple fact that drivers know they’re being monitored throughout the entirety of their journey means they are much less likely to drive above the speed limit, take chances or otherwise subject their passengers to risk. This is a small but significant detail that keeps coach travellers safe on Australian roads.
  • Extensive Training of Coach Drivers
    Drivers in Australia must undergo extensive assessment training before they receive the certification necessary to operate a coach. Getting the proper licensure is no small task, and those drivers who pass through the necessary rigueur have attained a level of skill that relatively few drivers in Australia can claim. This is the calibre of person you want behind the wheel when you’re travelling in Australia.
  • Ever Improving Coach Technology
    The quality of vehicles used by transport companies in Australia continues to improve, with major enhancements seen over the past few years. Coach seatbelts may seem like a simple consideration, but they are known to save lives in the rare event of a coach accident. Whilst passengers are not required by law to wear them aboard buses in Australia, they certainly have the option to – and doing so dramatically increases their level of safety. On-board lane departure warning systems and automated braking systems also make modern coaches safer.
  • Strict Regulation of Coaches
    Finally and perhaps most importantly, travel by coach is highly regulated in Australia. Coaches must be regularly inspected and drivers routinely trained and re-tested to ensure that they continue to meet the highest standards. When you charter travel on an Australian coach, you can rest assured that you’re travelling aboard one of the safest and most closely monitored transport vehicles in the world.

Serious motor vehicle accidents are rare to begin with. But during the 12 month period that ended in April of 2017, approximately 1,235 people died in road fatalities in Australia. Compared to other countries, this is a relatively low per-capita fatality rate – testifying to the overall safety of motorways in Australia.

All of this works in favour of coach passengers in Australia. Drivers are so well trained – and their vehicles so well maintained – that that serious accidents are beyond rare. They’re all but unheard of.

Other Safety Features Keep Australian Coach Passengers Even Safer

In addition to standard safety features such as lap belts and on-board monitoring systems, Australian coaches are also equipped with a range of additional fail safe devices that protect passengers. For example, internal CCTV systems allow drivers and staff to keep an eye on those on board – as well as their luggage. Coaches are also equipped with clearly displayed contact information so that passengers can alert the control centre if a problem occurs.

And all of this is in addition to emergency exist, well-demarked escape routes and sturdy, ergonomic seating. To put it mildly, modern Australian coaches provide one of the safest transport environments that a person could hope to enjoy, regardless of where they are travelling in the country.

Contact Pegasus Coach Tours for Safe Road Transport in Australia

At Pegasus Coach Tours, we’re proud to participate in one of the best-regulated, safest transport systems in the nation. Whether you’re in need of a quick transport solution or an interstate service, our team can assist. Contact us today to learn more about coach hire in Australia.

Top Things to Do in Sydney for Seniors

Sydney is a fascinating city with a dazzling range of sightseeing attractions and activities for people of all ages to enjoy. At Pegasus Coach Tours, we regularly organise day tours and extended tours for groups and individuals, alike – and many of these outings are ideally suited to seniors. In this post, we’re highlighting a few activities that seniors can enjoy in Sydney.

Art Gallery of New South Wales

This is Sydney’s most impressive art gallery, and it’s a great place for people of all ages to visit. It’s also wheelchair accessible and offers a relaxing change of pace for those who have spent enough time outdoors and wouldn’t mind retreating to a comfortable, air-conditioned space. The permanent collection includes European and Australian art dating back to the 19th century. But the real treasure here is the collection of Indigenous art found in the basement gallery. The 20th-century Australian art exhibit is also well worth your time.

Royal Botanic Gardens

The opportunity to bask in the tranquillity of the Royal Botanic Gardens is not to be missed in Sydney. These gardens grew out of the first vegetable patch planted in Sydney by the colonists, but they actually have a much richer history dating back to an early Aboriginal settlement. You can come here simply to enjoy the serene environment, or join a free walking tour departing at either 10:30 or 13:00. This is also a popular place to organise a picnic in Sydney.

Shows at the Sydney Opera House

When it comes to iconic architecture, the Sydney Opera House is certainly one of the most recognisable structures in the modern world. It’s also a great place to catch a show. In fact, there are more than 40 different shows, concerts, talks and other gigs hosted here every single week! In other words, you’re sure to find something that interests you on the schedule, and the chance to enjoy it in such a world-class venue is not to be missed. Visit the Sydney Opera House website to see what’s playing when you’re visiting.

Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

This walk in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs has become quite popular with seniors in recent years. The route takes in iconic beaches, leafy parks and a few outstanding whale-watching points. The great thing is, you don’t have to walk the entire stretch. Instead, you can simply choose the section of the walk that most interests you and focus on that. Bondi, Tamarama, Bronte, Clovelly and Coogee beaches are the main highlights, and any of them are worth a look in and of themselves.

Sydney Coach Tours

Coach tours are an excellent option for seniors visiting Sydney, and Pegasus Coach Tours can arrange a wide variety of senior-friendly tours for you to enjoy. Our senior’s travel club is free to join, and you’re under no obligation to take a tour once you’ve enrolled. We offer several convenient pick-up points around the city and take our guests to fascinating destinations across Sydney. Get in touch with us by calling (02) 9838 1733 to find out more.