The Benefits of Coach Tour School Field Trips

When we think of coach tours, we usually imagine likeminded seasoned travellers, about to embark on yet another adventure that will no doubt translate into stories that can be exchanged over a glass of wine. But what about younger adventure seekers? Those who, due to their age, may not yet have been able to develop the taste for travel or the great outdoors.

For this reason, we’re a big advocate of introducing children to travel and all the benefits it entails whilst they’re still young – and what better way to accommodate this than a school field trip using our professional coach tours.

If your students are long overdue a field trip, let us tell you why it might be time to organise one.

  1. A Change of Environment

The classroom is a time-tested way to educate any child, providing them with a safe and controlled learning environment in which to learn and grow as people. One thing that classrooms can often lack is variety, as there is only so much you can do in such a confined space to reinvent the learning experience.

The best thing about getting out of the classroom for a day or two is giving your students the chance to experience a new way of learning. Depending on where you take them, they will be able to experience first-hand what is being taught in an environment that allows a little more freedom.

If reservoirs and sources of clean water are on the curriculum, a day trip to a reservoir is a great way to help your students visualise the concepts they are being taught which may even help them retain that knowledge a little better.

  1. Developing Social Skills

Only certain classroom taught lessons and subjects will provide an opportunity for social interaction amongst peers. This is of course because some material needs to be taught in a certain way and can be difficult to extrapolate to other real-world situations.

Unstructured environments are a great opportunity for students to bounce ideas off each other as they learn together. This way of learning can be more exciting as each student is able to engage on a deeper level with the subject matter at hand. This level of engagement should help each student to really exercise and develop their social skills in a manner that can be far more constructive than the playground.

We find that even the coach journey can provide great opportunities for discussion and learning, especially when venturing into territories your students are unfamiliar with.

  1. Encourage Team Building

Field trips are also a great opportunity to split classes into teams where each team is tasked with achieving a common goal. If you were visiting a museum for example, giving each team a set of questions and tasks to complete within a time limit as they’re free to explore the museum on their own will really get them working together to beat their classmates.

This mild competitiveness and team environment is a great way to further develop relationships as well as explore team dynamics. You will often see each team nominate a leader who will then coordinate the task with each team member chipping in as required.

  1. Emphasise the Importance of the Natural Environment

We know that some schools here in Sydney place a special emphasis on this very subject and do all they can to better educate their students on the importance of sustainability. The great thing about Australia is that the natural habitat is so varied making choosing a suitable location for learning easy.

From rainforests to coral reefs, each of these environments can demonstrate what our planet has to offer and help each student understand how important it is that they do their part to protect it. Such a field trip can incorporate geography, wildlife and biodiversity in one go.

  1. New Cultural Experiences

As we continue to grow and develop it is important that we experience as many different cultures as possible. Luckily, Australia is home to one of the oldest cultures and groups of people on this planet, the Native Australian or Indigenous People.

There are several organised tours available whereby students can discover Aboriginal history, art, food and language as they meet and interact with Aboriginal people. Such a trip will help tie in the biodiversity aspects of the curriculum as each student sees first-hand how Aboriginal people have maintained their traditions and continue to harmoniously exist as one within their habitat.

Field Trip Suggestions

The benefits are clear to see. All you have to do is decide on a destination. To give you some ideas, we’ve compiled a list of popular destinations and excursions that have been really well received by past visitors.

  • Australian Icons – Australia is known globally for being home to a series of iconic landmarks and structures. The Sydney Opera House is a great start for children, even if they have already been. Seeing it and experiencing it amongst their peers as well as gaining a much deeper understanding of its significance and current uses always receives glowing reviews.

Also in Sydney is of course the Sydney Harbour which shouldn’t be missed. Beautiful at all times of the year, the Harbour is also a great destination to embark upon a whale watching tour. Here, your children will enjoy the experience of getting as up close and personal as possible with some of the world’s largest sea creatures.

  • Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park – A great opportunity to experience the Australian Bush in its purest form. This wildlife sanctuary is well known for being home to many of Australia’s signature wildlife where you’re sure to meet Koala Bears and Kangaroos.

Book Your Coach Trip

Here at Pegasus Coach Tours, we offer several day trips as well as many extended tours, suitable for older students. We even have the ability to create a custom package, allowing you to fine tune your experience to the needs of your students and their learning. Simply get in touch with our team for the experience of a lifetime.