Why Are Organised Coach Tours the Best Way to See Australia?

A wild tapestry of cultural and natural wonders, Australia is home to more world-class tourist attractions than you can shake a stick at it. While it is possible to visit some of the destinations in your own vehicle or via public transport, the safest and most comfortable way to take in all that the country has to offer is on a Pegasus Coach Tour.

As a family-owned company with more than 30 years in the coach tour industry, we have extensive experience in creating unforgettable journeys. A commitment to unparalleled customer service, combined with our fleet of state of the art luxury coaches and highly trained drivers ensures your travel experience is one to remember.

Whether you’re planning a relaxing day tour or an extended journey of a lifetime, we’re firm believers that organised coach tours are absolutely the best way to see Australia. Here’s why:

  1. Safety First

Safety is always a top concern for any traveller, particularly if you’re visiting an unfamiliar destination. Thankfully, organised coach tours are able to provide a safe environment through the use of experienced and professional drivers, and reliable vehicles that are more than capable of meeting the demands of the Australian roads.

Here at Pegasus Coach Tours, your safety is our number one priority, and we always go to great lengths to ensure you feel safe and secure while on your journey. Our fully licensed tour drivers have more than 500 years combined driving experiencing, so you can rest assured they know how to handle things behind the wheel and can adapt to any conditions. For even greater peace of mind, all our drivers are also certified in senior first aid.

In addition, our coaches are loaded with all sorts of advanced security features such as GPS software and automated braking systems specifically designed to improve passenger safety while on the road. Finally, all our coaches are regularly maintained and inspected to ensure they comply with the rigorous safety standards that all Australian coaches are held to.

Simply put, an organised coach tour is the safest way to travel in Australia.

  1. A Comfortable Journey

Australia is big. Really big. In fact, measuring in at about 7.7 million square kilometres, according to Geoscience Australia, the country is roughly the same size of the Contiguous United States. This means – even if you’re travelling within the state – that you’re probably going to be sitting for a fair few hours between destinations, so naturally you’ll want to opt for transportation that is as comfortable as possible.

That’s where an organised coach tour comes in. At Pegasus Coach Tours, we’re proud to provide premium coaches that come fully equipped with all the modern conveniences you need to make your journey a comfortable and relaxing experience. Large reclining arm chair seats and panoramic windows allow you to take in the scenery at your leisure, while a DVD player, lap sash seat belts and modern rest room facilities provide an extra layer of luxury. Our service is carefully designed to help you enjoy the trip and get you to your destination feeling invigorated and ready to explore.

  1. The Ultimate in Convenience

Perhaps the greatest advantage of taking an organised coach tour in favour of travelling independently lies in the convenience factor. The logistics of hiring a vehicle and attempting to navigate unfamiliar and potentially hazardous roads can be annoying at best and downright dangerous at worst. Public transport may occasionally help you get to your destination, but often isn’t a feasible (or comfortable!) option.

In contrast, an organised coach tour takes all the hassle out of travel and allows you to focus on what really matters: enjoying the moment. Our professional drivers have the experience and specialist training needed to get you to your destination safely and in luxurious style. Whether you’re taking a half-day trip or an extended tour, we can take care of all your transportation, food and accommodation needs – all you need to do is pack your bag and bring your sense of adventure.

  1. Affordable Luxury

As we touched on earlier in this article, our coaches are not your everyday buses – they’re luxury vehicles. Boasting a range of safety and entertainment features, our coaches offer a luxurious means of transportation that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. From the comfort of our seats to the renowned expertise of our drivers, every aspect of our service is designed with your comfort and safety in mind.

However, this doesn’t mean that our tours are extravagantly priced. Despite the high level of comfort aboard our coaches, our tours remain very affordable, particularly when compared to other forms of long distance transport in Australia. We always strive to deliver an affordable, industry leading service that doesn’t make compromises when it comes to quality.

  1. Local Knowledge

As all seasoned travellers know, there’s no better way to experience a region than to see it through the eyes of a local. As a tourist, you may not be privy to a region’s best kept secrets, but we are – and we want to share them with you.

At Pegasus Coach Tours, we offer more than 100 unique, hand-crafted day tours that will take you into the very heart and soul of Australia. From exploring the Jenolan Caves to Central Coast wine tastings and everything in between, you’re guaranteed to find an organised coach tour that inflames your intrepid spirit.

Safe, affordable and luxurious, there’s no denying that an organised coach tour is the best way to see all that Australia has to offer. With a world-class fleet, the finest drivers in the industry and an extensive range of tours to choose from, Pegasus Coach Tours is the preferred choice for discerning travellers across Australia.

Are you ready for your next adventure? We’d love to hear from you. Contact the team today to discuss your options and get ready for the trip of a lifetime. Happy travelling!