Ideas for Team Building Events in Sydney with a Difference

It’s not easy to motivate your employees to work their hardest with the promise of a salary alone, and unfortunately, the instant most people hear the phrase ‘team building event’, they recoil at the idea of having to play cheesy office games with people they barely know and hardly ever work with. However, if you plan an event with a difference, you can create new friendships, improve your team’s morale, and instil your company values successfully.

At Pegasus Coach Tours, we know all about planning events and excursions with a difference, which is why our tours have remained popular for over three decades. Our drivers, who have over 500 years of experience combined, will ensure your absolute safety and comfort at all times while on the road. Plus, we have hundreds of half and full day tours to choose from, or you can explain your requirements for us to tailor a tour specifically for you.

In addition to being Sydney’s premier coach tour company, we endeavour to be the hub for knowledge and ideas on things to do in and around the city, which is why we’ve recently researched the best venues with a difference for team building events. To save you from the hassle of having to research such venues yourself, we’ve compiled our findings in this article for your convenience.

  • Aerialize

Aerialize is Sydney’s leading circus training and aerial theatre school where customers can learn acrobatics, hula-hooping, contortion, handstands, the art of the trapeze, and even how to build a human pyramid. This venue won’t fail to encourage laughter and put a smile on everybody’s face – including your own – and such team building exercises are perfect for encouraging your employees to open a dialogue and place their trust in each other.

Adrenaline junkies will love some of the activities on offer at Aerialize, and you can always let those less interested in thrill seeking sit out a couple of activities. Even if they’re not involved in the likes of acrobatics, they’ll still have lots of fun watching those who are. Visit the Aerialize website for more information on pricing and availability.

  • Bondi Bowling Club

Admittedly, swinging from suspended ropes isn’t for everybody, so if you have a mature team of employees that prefer to relax while bonding with their colleagues, you might be interested in booking a day out at the Bondi Bowling Club.

However, don’t for a second think that the Bondi Bowling Club is reserved as a pensioner’s leisure venue. A bit of competitive sports will do your employees a world of good, and since 2015, the owners have made efforts to modernise the venue and make it more appealing to the younger generations.

At the Bondi Blowing Club, you’ll find cocktails on tap, steaks cooked to perfection, picnic tables shaded by crimson umbrellas, and a terrace where you can enjoy craft beers in the sunshine. Tasty food, a relaxing game, and cocktails to order – it’s hard to think of any downsides to holding a team building event here. Visit the Bondi Bowling Club website for more information.

  • K-Square

If you have a confident bunch of individuals at the office, you can bring them closer together and share a few laughs at K-Square, Sydney’s live karaoke venue that attracts customers in their masses. K-Square has rooms suitable for up to 50 people, meaning you and your employees will have ample room to mingle when not busy with the microphone displaying their superstar skills.

K-Square’s song list is current and expansive, so you can feel confident there will be suitable tracks for everybody. If some employees feel a little too uncomfortable to sing in front of a group, you can always give them a little Dutch courage by purchasing a round of Asahi beer towers. Additionally, you can order tasty Thai food and delicious cocktails that will go down a treat. Here’s the K-Square website for more information.

  • Sky Zone Alexandria

We’ve already discussed how you can dangle from the roof at Aerialize, so now let’s talk about trying to reach the roof at Sky Zone Alexandria, one of Sydney’s largest indoor trampolining venues. This large warehouse boasts countless high-quality trampolines that are maintained to the highest standards, and employees can enjoy a bit of friendly competition during games such as dodgeball and basketball.

If you bring your team members here, you can feel confident that the phrase ‘team building event’ will lose all negative connotations, and as well as working together as a team during competitive sports, employees can de-stress and unwind by bouncing around aimlessly in the main room. Plus, they can launch themselves into a foam pit after they’ve had enough fun on the trampolines. Click here for more information.

The Best Form of Transportation for Team Building Events

Regardless of where you choose to take your employees for a special event, you’ll need a form of transportation. Your team members will appreciate you arranging transportation on their behalf, and there’s no better way to travel safely in style than by contacting our professionals at Pegasus Coach Tours.

For over three decades, we’ve amazed both residents and visitors alike with our fantastic, unique tours of Sydney and beyond, and if you’re looking for venue ideas, we’re happy to offer advice. Alternatively, you could let us plan the entire day for you, and you won’t be disappointed with what we can provide.

Why Choose Pegasus Coach Tours?

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