Coach Transport: The Safest Way to Travel by Road in Australia

Australia is a vast country with more to explore than most could hope to see in a lifetime. Intriguing as that sounds, it also presents a challenge. How do you get around this great country without placing yourself in unnecessary risk?

Whilst travel in Australia is generally safe, there are still hazards involved. Concerned travellers are understandably uncertain which mode of road transport is safest and most reliable. In this post, we’re going to explain why we believe that coach travel is one of the safest ways to get from point A to point B in Australia.

To drive this point home, consider the following: The number of people involved in coach-related accidents in Australia is miniscule, to say the least. According to one study, the odds of a bus passenger suffering a fatal accident were one in 150 million (data collected between 1989 and 2010). That’s not bad for a country of less than 24 million.

What Makes Australian Coaches So Safe?

The first thing we should note is that the quality of coaches used in Australia has increased significantly in recent years. At Pegasus Coach Tours, we understand that our passengers have options. There are several coach companies in operation around the state and country, including more than a few fly-by-night operations. We go out of our way to make our service stand out as a safe, efficient and affordable option for travellers in the country, and this requires us to do more than our competitors when it comes to vehicle selection, service and maintenance.

Simply trying to stay competitive in a saturated market requires performing routine maintenance on your fleet of coaches. In today’s interconnected world, breakdowns are broadcasted across social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter within moments of occurring. If a particular coach operator has a reputation for breaking down often, passengers are going to spread the word. It doesn’t take long for information like this to go mainstream, at which point would-be customers will be able to search their way to problem reports.

Under such circumstances, it should come as no surprise that coach operators are eager to remain above reproach. The last thing they want is for an errant review to drive down reservations and force them out of business.

Here’s What Makes Coach Travel Such a Safe Option in Australia

There are several reasons that coaches offer one of the safest modes of land transport in the country. We’ll explore a few of the most significant safety considerations below:

  • Enhanced Security Features of Coaches
    Today’s coaches are equipped with advanced GPS software that monitors the speed and driving patterns of coach drivers and reports this information back to headquarters. The simple fact that drivers know they’re being monitored throughout the entirety of their journey means they are much less likely to drive above the speed limit, take chances or otherwise subject their passengers to risk. This is a small but significant detail that keeps coach travellers safe on Australian roads.
  • Extensive Training of Coach Drivers
    Drivers in Australia must undergo extensive assessment training before they receive the certification necessary to operate a coach. Getting the proper licensure is no small task, and those drivers who pass through the necessary rigueur have attained a level of skill that relatively few drivers in Australia can claim. This is the calibre of person you want behind the wheel when you’re travelling in Australia.
  • Ever Improving Coach Technology
    The quality of vehicles used by transport companies in Australia continues to improve, with major enhancements seen over the past few years. Coach seatbelts may seem like a simple consideration, but they are known to save lives in the rare event of a coach accident. Whilst passengers are not required by law to wear them aboard buses in Australia, they certainly have the option to – and doing so dramatically increases their level of safety. On-board lane departure warning systems and automated braking systems also make modern coaches safer.
  • Strict Regulation of Coaches
    Finally and perhaps most importantly, travel by coach is highly regulated in Australia. Coaches must be regularly inspected and drivers routinely trained and re-tested to ensure that they continue to meet the highest standards. When you charter travel on an Australian coach, you can rest assured that you’re travelling aboard one of the safest and most closely monitored transport vehicles in the world.

Serious motor vehicle accidents are rare to begin with. But during the 12 month period that ended in April of 2017, approximately 1,235 people died in road fatalities in Australia. Compared to other countries, this is a relatively low per-capita fatality rate – testifying to the overall safety of motorways in Australia.

All of this works in favour of coach passengers in Australia. Drivers are so well trained – and their vehicles so well maintained – that that serious accidents are beyond rare. They’re all but unheard of.

Other Safety Features Keep Australian Coach Passengers Even Safer

In addition to standard safety features such as lap belts and on-board monitoring systems, Australian coaches are also equipped with a range of additional fail safe devices that protect passengers. For example, internal CCTV systems allow drivers and staff to keep an eye on those on board – as well as their luggage. Coaches are also equipped with clearly displayed contact information so that passengers can alert the control centre if a problem occurs.

And all of this is in addition to emergency exist, well-demarked escape routes and sturdy, ergonomic seating. To put it mildly, modern Australian coaches provide one of the safest transport environments that a person could hope to enjoy, regardless of where they are travelling in the country.

Contact Pegasus Coach Tours for Safe Road Transport in Australia

At Pegasus Coach Tours, we’re proud to participate in one of the best-regulated, safest transport systems in the nation. Whether you’re in need of a quick transport solution or an interstate service, our team can assist. Contact us today to learn more about coach hire in Australia.